Do you already own a property or you bought a re-sale property, which is in the need of a reform, refreshment or update? Our experienced in-house builders can work out any reform project within your budget. We are multilingual and our project managers speak Spanish, German, Dutch, French, English, Polish, Swedish and Russian.  We calculate a fixed project price without surprises and are have our experiences in creating:

a)    Kitchen

b)    Bathrooms

c)    Interior and exterior tiling

d)    Swimmingpools

e)    Insulations

f)    Heating and cooling systems

g)    Creating extra levels

h)    Windows / doors

Why you should use Nateco homes for your reform projects while you also can use all above mentioned services individual? Because having 1 partner means having a horizontal communication, but the most important reason is that you safe money. Because of Nateco’s volume of orders we have a high discount on all mentioned services. A discount what you as individual purchaser cannot claim. Because we love our job and we believe in delivery for affordable prices we share our discount with you as client.

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