Advantages of a Nateco Home

A massive and safe building material

  • A nateco Home meet the needs of house-builders thanks to a dependable and safe building method.
  • massive wood construction in combination with concrete/brick construction,

High flexibility

•    exceptionally flexible during treatment;

•    on-site corrections possible and not costly;

•    easy assembly, even in hard-to-reach and narrow spaces, thanks to the possiblity of combining single standard components on-site.

Stable dimensions

•    high dimension stability thanks to technical drying up to 10% +/-2 % humidity;

•    with proper protection and ventilation, moisture absorbed during construction penetrates BSH components up to 1 mm, thus preventing significant dimension changes.

A healthy interior climate

•    a microclimate open to diffusion and actively regulated;

•    wood can absorb and return moisture, assuring optimal interior humidity.

Improved building physics

•    vapour tightness;

•    only joining elements require caulking;

•    caulked surfaces open to diffusion (e.g. roof membranes with sd < 2.00m);

•    components can be used as covering and rain protection during construction;

•    wood is characterized by very thermal conductivity compared to other construction materials.

Cost savings

•    easy assembly;

•    further construction stages can be carried out without delays;

•    lack of additional moisture during assembly;

•    not necessary to follow cure times;

•    low own weight reduces installation costs;

•    positive impact on substructure dimensions (high degree of prefabrication / quick assembly);

•    preliminary works can be carried out in the joinery;

•    errors practically eliminated due to a high degree of prefabrication;

•    upon the client’s request (however for an additional fee) BSH components can be equipped with cap-ramps screwed into the surface. These can be used to attach ropes for the crane;

•    cuts, holes and indentations can be made on-site, with ease and precision.

Simple attachment of suspended ceilings

•    suspended ceilings are often used in industrial facilities in order to increase storage capacity. Due to their low height, BSH components are perfect for this purpose.

Household appliances

•    when profiling BSH components it is possible to make indentations in the joining grout for the purpose of fitting electrical wires;

•    holes for electrical wires and media connections are almost always made later;

•    indentations for wires can be made quickly and cheaply.

Easy system statics

•    calculations are made according to the DIN 1052 standard and / or Eurocode 5;

•    joining elements are typical for wood construction: self-tapping screws, perforated plates, angles or NHT connectors;

•    durable component connections without high material costs and workload.

Eco-friendly construction material and energy saving

•    wood accumulates CO2;

•    finishing and modifications possible with the lowest energy expenditure compared to traditional building materials;

•    1 tonne of wood absorbs 1.9 tonnes of CO2. 500 kg of this amout is coal stored in wood. Wood actively protects our climate;

•    BSH components are characterized by a positive energy balance!

•    Energy saving solutions via mechanical ventilation with recuperation, heat pump, solar panels, photovoltaics and your own water treatment plant.

Heating cost savings

•    due to wood’s generally warm surface and low thermal conductivity, interior temperature can be lowered by several degrees.

High level of fire protection

•    F 30-B, F 60-B fire protection classes and even F 90-B with extra sheathing;

•    fire protection classes measured according to DIN 4102-4;

•    the joining grout for the ”double indentation – double feather” joint is compliant with the requirements of DIN 4102-4, Table 61, for ceilings up to F 60-B and Table 70, for roofs up to F 60-B.

Summertime heat protection

•    wood has the highest ability to absorb heat of all available building materials;

•    accumulation of heat from solar energy;

•    very little heat reaches the building interior;

•    at night the accumulated heat energy is being emitted outside.

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